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I-CHING Hexagram #2
"The Receptive"

K'un The receptive, Tierra. K'un the receptive, Land. This hexagram is exclusively formed by broken lines, which represent darkness, manageability, the receptive power of yin. The main characteristic of the hexagram is manageability, the image of the land. It is the perfect complement of the Creative, not the opposite. There is no struggle, but harmony. It represents nature in contrast with spirit, land in contrast with sky, space in contrast with time, the female- mother in contrast with the male- father.Applied to human beings' subjects, the idea of harmony not only includes the relationship between women and men, but also that of Prince and Minister, and between father and son. Moreover, this duality exists between the spiritual world and that of senses. In evey case, there is a clear jerarquic relationship: The Receptive is as important as The Creative, but its devotion's attribute clearly defines its position in relation to the Creative. The Receptive has to be activated and guided by The Creative, it's only there when brings about advantages. Danger comes when it gives up its position and tries to equals The Creative. The result is the opposition and struggle against The Creative, which causes damages for both.

It shows the man simple things by means of a self-denying and careful attitude. The man does his tasks correctly, following, this way, the model of the earth.

To get started

A stage in which letting oneself go seems to be the best. This has brought about success. Everything seemed to be done for another one; however, it is what really suits. There are times to create and times to save. It might happen at this stage that one feel the moment to undertake has come. In order to know the answer, one has to carefully study the future (mutant lines and resulting hexagram). To save what has been achieved or risk what has been undertaken? Prudence!

To end

We are about arriving at a stage in which will be better not to take the leadership. It won't be the time of own enterprises, but submission, maybe to a stronger personality. Things carried out, however, will bring about results, and success will be far with us. Don't move forward until you know very well the type of movement and the road to it. Doing this, we'll find good company and job. Great success.


The receptive brings about sublime success, - Furthering through the perseverance of a mare. - If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead, - He goes astray; - But if he follows, he finds guidance. - It is favourable to find friends in the west and south, - To forego friends in the east and north. - Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.

tonalityThrow the coins (i-ching)



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