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Asteroid Pallas Athena- The Warrior Queen

harness your superpowers from your astrological chart

Pallas is the woman in a world of men, competitive, skillful and very intelligent!, representing her feminine energies to negotiate and win without anyone else having to lose.

Pallas is the maiden, named after Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, fair warfare, strategy, and skill. Modern astrologers have linked it to these things, but also to creative intelligence, political sense, pattern recognition, and the relationship between father and daughter.

In her birth chart, she speaks of the ability to solve problems, the ability to take advantage of resources, face adversity and defend what is considered worthy of defense.

Pallas Athena's placement in her birth chart often describes her relationship with her father and, as a result, how she treats men in general. Pallas in her chart shows the battles she chose and how she fights them. On the negative side of it or in the shadow of it, Pallas shows how we struggle with conflict, legal battles, and injustice. She can also indicate struggles with illnesses due to a weakened immune system.

The sign that Pallas is in in the natal chart shows how the person uses these abilities. How she uses her objective and scientific mind. What kind of strategist is she.

The house where Pallas is located in the natal chart indicates the area where there is some ability to solve problems. Where Pallas's strategic skills can be best applied, or where her creative ability is focused.

Enter the data in the following form to calculate your Pallas

Birth Date
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