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The Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot The Temperance

The Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot The Temperance

To be temperate is to show moderation and self-control. In a world full of attractive indulgences, it is often necessary to find the middle term. Sensitive, perhaps, but also a little boring? The energy of temperance may seem unattractive on the surface, but it is the calm of the eye of a hurricane. Around there are swirling winds, but in the center there is a still point that balances everything.

LA TEMPERANCE shows us the need for adjustments, balance sheets in our lives and for seeking a middle ground. It is the symbol of resurrection and new life. Here we see a woman in a flying attitude, mixing the contents of two vessels, combining the opposite energies, to which she complements. This card shows the hidden potentialities that are unfolding, the faculties that develop and solidify, as well as the decisions that are confidently made and the moods that result from these decisions.

It is a card that always means good health, both physically and in relation to the soul. The Templance Card encourages us to develop our consciousness in relation to the truths posed by philosophy and religion. It does not tell us to accept them blindly, but by looking at life from that perspective, perhaps we will find an important and unexpected source of satisfaction.

In fact, tempering can mean modifying by adding a new component. By combining and recombining, we get the ideal mixture or solution. Temperance is the card of good health in all areas: physical, mental and emotional. When illness or disease is a concern, temperance promises vitality and well-being.

Suggestions Tarot The Temperance

Find the intermediate terrain that shows moderation
Avoiding excess
Reaching a compromise
Experiencing harmony, achieving balance
Renewing energy and healing vigor
Consolidate and find the right combination
Putting it all together

Negative aspects Tarot The Temperance

Stuck in the past, too delicate, afraid to be hurt, sensitive to pain, healers who need cure, I'm fine! , refuses to learn, looks for an easy way out of past traumas.

keywords Tarot The Temperance

New teaching, spiritual elevation, fire and ice, alignment, bridge, honest, energetic, exploratory, illumination, transparent, enhancement, brightness, style, fusion, mission.




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