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In we are creating a new Tarot deck, with exclusive footage created to transmit the feminine consciousness and energy of the New Age, that will soon see on our site as well try that may get printed

Tarot: Temperance


TEMPERANCE address our need for to adjustment, of balance in our life and to seek a middle term in it. It's the symbol of resurrection and new life. In here we see a woman in a flying attitude, mixing the content of two vessels, combining opposed energies, complementing them. This card manifest the

occult potentialities that are unfolding , and the faculties that develop and solidify, as well as the decisions that are taken with confidence and the states of mind produced by these decisions. It's regarding a card that always means good health, physically and in whatever relates to the soul.
The Temperance card, encourages to expand our consciousness in relation to the truth as explained by religion and philosophy. It doesn't say that we have to accept them blindly, but, when we see life from that perspective, maybe we can find an unexpected source of satisfaction.

Suggestions Temperance:

Cultivate spirituality.
Practice self healing.
If you can't do it on your own, get a support group.
Show your for alternative healing practice.
To develop a major consciousness state, it's necessary to look at the past in order to understand the present.
Install truth in your soul and you will be free.

Negative aspects Temperance:

Trapped in the past. too delicate, afraid to be hurt, sensible to pain, healers that need to be healed, I'm OK, he's unwilling to learn, look for an easy way out to past trauma.

keywords Temperance:

New teaching, spiritual elevation, fire and ice, alignment, bridge, honest, energetic, explorer, enlightenment, transparent, enhances, brightness, style, confusion, mission.

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