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The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot The Tower

The tower is a disturbing card. Fire, lightning, falling on irregular rocks, it definitely seems like a problem! Card 16 will not be welcomed by those who do not like change. It represents a sudden, dramatic disorder or reversion in fortune. Usually the change is gradual, which gives us time to adapt, but sometimes it is fast and explosive. This is the action of the Tower.

In films, the hero sometimes slaps someone who is stunned or babbling. Having tried everything else, he finally resorts to a strong bite to get him out of there. Sudden crises are the way life tells you to wake up. Something is wrong, and you are not answering. Are you too full of pride? Wait for a blow to your ego. Are you holding back your anger? Wait for the dam to break. Are you trapped in a routine? Wait for a surprise.

The way it responds to the change of the Tower makes all the difference in how unfashionable the experience will be. Recognize that the interruption occurred because it was necessary. Perhaps embracing change is too much to ask, but try to find the positive in it. In fact, you can feel a tremendous release that you have finally been forced in a new direction. You may have an explosion of information about your situation and reach a new level of understanding about it.

The Tower: it's a card to destabilize you: jagged rocks falling fire, thunder, definitely this looks problematic! This card for those who don't like changes will not be welcome. Usually the change is gradual, giving us time to adapt, but sometimes it is fast and explosive and this card represents a quick and dramatic reversal.

The Tower tests the foundations of our lives. Do we erect castles in the air or build on dry land? Therefore, if we want things to work, we must take responsibility for our lives. We cannot continue to blame our parents, our education, the government or the gods: we must regain power by taking responsibility. When we blame our problems on external factors, we are dismissing our power and giving up any opportunity for change.

Suggestions Tarot The Tower

Having interrupted plans
Going through a crisis
To be humiliated
Having a fall in fortune
Suddenly I realize the truth
Do not suppress anger, do not be afraid of him. Say it.
Build your life on a more solid foundation

Negative aspects Tarot The Tower

Vandalism, confusion, stormy, crumbling, error, ruin, fall, build castles in the air, fast, wise-all, fury/violence, raby/fierce, misogyny, danger, destructive, collapse, change shape.

keywords Tarot The Tower

Sudden, speed of light, fire tension, agitation, impetuous, surprising, warning/test.




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