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Nine Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Nine Tarot Cups

Nine Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Nine Tarot Cups

On a physical level, the Nine Cups is a sign of delight in every way. Views, sounds, tastes, sensations. This card encourages you to look for pleasure and enjoy your body in every way. You can also be in communion with the natural world: the body of Mother Earth. She also delights in sharing her abundance.

On a personal level, the Nine Cups indicates satisfaction with the way things are. Notice how the woman sitting confidently and a smile on her face. He has everything he wants and he couldn't be happier about it. Look at all my glasses! seems to say. Aren't they great?

Sometimes it is wonderful to sit down and enjoy knowing that everything is fine in the world. But a word of warning. You may be tempted to pamper yourself at someone else's expense (like our naughty cat). This may feel great at that time, but sooner or later they will be discovered and repentance will begin. The search for pleasure without taking into account the consequences is never satisfactory in the long term.

In many tarot traditions, the Nine of Cups is known as the Letter of Wishes. Show that your desire will come true. Wonderful perspective, but remember your fairy tale lessons. You must be sure to know what you really want and accept the responsibilities that accompany your desire. If that's the case, enjoy your good fortune

It comes as a sign that the planets lined up and you have everything you wanted. You couldn't be happier! If you made your wish and are waiting patiently for it to come true, then this Letter is an excellent omen that it will soon be granted.

The Nine Cups is an invitation to splurge, please and enjoy the pleasures of life. This includes enjoying good food and wine, appreciating the arts, making love, relaxing in a luxury resort or experiencing beauty. Live the moment and indulge yourself temporarily without feeling guilty about the possible negative consequences of such pleasure.

When you see the Nine of Cups in a reading, remember to tell your blessings and express gratitude for what you have. Start or end each day by creating a mental list of the three things you are most grateful for. Over time, you will intensify your sense of satisfaction and your ability to attract what you want: it is the Law of Attraction. If you are struggling to find the positive side of life, expressing gratitude will help you see that you have a lot to rejoice about.

One thing to consider with the Nine Cups is that it is only for a limited period. Realize that satisfaction is also only temporary, as everything is always in a state of change. That is why it is so important to appreciate what you have now and appreciate it because it may disappear later or it may have to adapt and adapt.

Suggestions Nine Tarot Cups

Achieve what you want, achieve your goal, achieve what you think you want
Make your dream come true, feel satisfied
Get the results you expected to, feel good about the world
Feeling happy, enjoying sensual and sexual pleasure
Experience beauty, enjoy physical effort
Wishes come true, realizing dreams, happiness, joy, joy, realization
Positivity, optimism, satisfaction, success, abundance, prosperity, achievements
Rewards, confidence, high self-esteem, triumph, celebration, entertaining, fame, acclaim, recognition, pleasure, sex, sensuality, pampering

Negative aspects Nine Tarot Cups

He is happy, but only superficially, too many parties, eats and drinks excessively.

keywords Nine Tarot Cups

Parties, eating, drinking, the good things in life, earthly pleasures.




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