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Capricornio Weekly Horoscope

Capricornio Weekly Horoscope

Week from february 25 th to march 2 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


The Devil (i)

Capricorn, forged in the strength of Saturn, your path unfolds under the sky with the precision of a cosmic watchmaker. This week, the Full Moon phases in Libra and Scorpio invite you to contemplate the balance between your ambitions and your emotional world, reminding you that even at the top of the mountain, it's your heart that guides your ascent. Capricorn, in this week of lunar transitions and planetary alignments, remember that every step you take in your ascent is guided by starlight and the firmness of your own Earth. Your path is both upward and inward, in a dance of strenght and sensitivity that defines you. With each breath, with each decision, you move closer to the peak of your dreams, strengthened by the wisdom of the cycles that surround you and the depth of the roots that sustain you. Lucky number: 17 Clothing color for this week: Lead gray, reflecting your strength and unwavering determination.

Career Horoscope

Wheel of Fortune

In the scenario of your career and your finances, The Wheel of Fortune turns favoring you, reminding you that fate favors the bold, but also the prepared. The stars align to offer you a cycle of opportunities and growth. The conjunction of Mercury with the Sun sharpens your ingenuity, allowing you to see beyond obstacles and transform challenges into steps towards your goals. Keep your eyes open and your mind clear; success is built with every wise choice.

Love Horoscope

The Devil (i)

In the labyrinth of love and relationships, The Devil inverted frees you from the chains of doubts and fears, inviting you to explore passion and commitment from a renewed perspective. For those in a couple, it's time to transcend old patterns, finding vulnerability and sincerity as the bridge to deeper intimacy. Singles, on the other hand, discover themselves faced with the possibility of loves that do not confine, but that liberate, learning that true connection flourishes in authenticity and mutual respect.

Health Horoscope

The Hermit

For your health and well-being, The Hermit invites you to an introspective retreat, a time to reconnect with your inner wisdom and nourish your being in the quiet shelters of your soul. It is a time for calm reflection, for understanding that personal care goes beyond the physical, embracing also the spiritual and the emotional. Find in stillness and solitude not a burden, but a source of strenght and clarity, a sacred space where you can recharge your energies and align your intentions with your true purpose.

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The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, is the worlds oldest book and earliest known intuitive decision-making system. Based on the binary logic of yin/yang, it is used to derive personal strategy and insights based on natural wisdom -- as pertaining to hum

Tarot of the Moon

If the Moon has a lot of influence over you, this is the best moment to know the mysteries of your personal interiority and help you take the right decisions by Tarot reading of the moon

Moon SignThe Moon represents human psyche. The emotional body of man. It’s indicative of a person`s emotions and feelings. It gives an intuitional nature, taste, youth, love of poetry, music, attractive looks and sensuality.
Weekly Horoscopes

Astrological true horoscope updated weekly. Get free advices and predictions based on your sign and the position of the stars.

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