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Tarot The Magician

The Magician talks about the role of communication, the development of the capacity to make us understand clearly. We will evolve by exercising the mind and using reason. The Magician reminds us that we must avoid blind faith and even too strong emotions. Mind training and study will provide us with the opportunity to develop our faculties in a systematic way.

The Magician shows us how to communicate, how to sell our ideas, how to develop ingenuity and other skills, how to solve problems, how to address different things at the same time.

What makes the magician so powerful? First, he is not afraid to act. He believes in himself and is willing to put that belief on the line. He also knows what he intends to do and why. He does not doubt because he understands his situation exactly. The Magician can approach himself with a single determination. As he remembers the divine source of his power, the Magician remains the perfect conduit for miracles.

In one reading, the Magician implies that the primary strength s of creativity are yours if you can claim your power and act with consciousness and concentration. This card is a sign to act and act now, as long as you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it.

Sugerencias de Tarot The Magician:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot The Magician

Too intellectual, false facade, skeptical, lies to avoid real communication, grifter, able to justify anything, tendency to pretend, flattering, tendency to imitate, deceptive.

Palabras claves de Tarot The Magician

Flexibility, discrimination, exchange of views and ideas, dexterity, details, imitation games, affirmations, potentiality, end result, professional realization, information/research, writer, independent, skilled/competent, intention, projection, dispassionate language, logic, belief system, instruction, promoters/negotiators, concentration, agreement, reflective, international relations.

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