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Tarot The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the few cards in the main arcana that does not have a human figure as a focal point. This is because its center is above the kingdom of man, at the highest levels (clouds) where the destinies of all intertwine in the tapestry of life. The tarot recognizes that each person sets his own path in life, but is also subject to the wider cycles that include it. We experience casual events that seem to be accidents, although they are part of the big plan.

In readings, the Wheel of Fortune may indicate a vision or realization that hits with great strength. If you have been struggling with a problem or a difficult situation, this card may indicate that you will find the answer if you go back and see everything from a broader perspective.

The Wheel of Fortune also represents unexpected encounters and turns of fate. You can't predict surprises; one can only be attentive when one is circling around. In fact, Card 10 often suggests wheel-like actions: steering changes, repetitive cycles and fast movements. When the energy of the wheel comes, you will feel that life is accelerating. You are trapped in a cyclone that can deposit you anywhere. Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, no one knows.

This card symbolizes that each of us has much to do with our journey in life, but that this life is also subject to the designs of fortune, that although sometimes things happen to us that seem to happen by accident, these games of chance are also part of the fabric of life. It can also represent unexpected twists of fate and cycles of life that are repeated.

Sugerencias de Tarot The Wheel of Fortune:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot The Wheel of Fortune

Too optimistic, ups and downs, reverse, seeks the protection of fate, drinks or overeats, always arise the same difficulties, big promises, forgets the promises made, decreases.

Palabras claves de Tarot The Wheel of Fortune

Cycles, cheerful, disguised opportunities, quiet, gullible, charity, best, gift, sense of humor, proof of faith, popular/sociable, abundance.

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