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The Moon is the light of this kingdom, the world of shadow and night. Although this place is impressive, it doesn't have to be scary. Under the right circumstances, the Moon inspires and enchants. Present the promise that everything you imagine can be yours. The Moon guides you into the unknown so that you can allow the unusual in your life.

Sadly, we tend to be afraid of the moon. In readings, this card often depicts fears and anxieties, which appear in the darkest part of the night. Card 18 also means illusions. It's easy to lose our way in the moonlight. Be careful not to let deceit and false ideas lead you astray. Sometimes the Moon is a sign that you are lost and wandering aimlessly. You must find your way back to the road and your clarity of purpose.

The Moon represents the subconscious, the realm of dreams, fears, memories, all thoughts not connected with the here and now. It encompasses the hopes and fears of the future and the memory of things that have already happened. Psychologists call the subconscious the dark side, because it contains hidden feelings and emotions that, apparently, irrationally influence our behavior.

It also represents the fear of the unknown. It can be discouraging to observe one's subconscious. It's very difficult to get to him because we've surrounded him with shields to protect him. It's at the bottom of our mind.

The Moon shows us a deformed reality: things are not exactly what they seem. Think about it. When you walk under the moon, it's easy to imagine yourself surrounded by all sorts of ghosts. Suddenly a strange noise sounds, someone hides behind a bush, a tree chases him. It's the fruit of imagination. Everything takes on disproportionate dimensions. The shadow of a squirrel turns into that of a dragon. That's exactly what we experience when we're under the influence of the Moon. We are motivated by imagination.

Sugerencias de Tarot The Moon:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot The Moon

Susceptible/irritable, psychosomatic diseases, too sensitive, immature, lives in a land of dreams, self-self-denial, abuse, conflict of love and hatred, madness, claims, delirium, tension, premenstrual, tendency to dramatize, vulnerability, absorbs people's negativism, madness, asylum, unstable, escape, imprecise, impressionable, indecisive, sentimental, delirium, aberration, anguish, fear of darkness, subliminal, fear of deep waters, affected, kisses under the moon.

Palabras claves de Tarot The Moon

Sacrifices, inciting, emanations, maternal, bond, rehabilitation, provokes reactions, sensitivity, feeds.

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