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Tarot The Fool

For The Fool life is an adventure, it challenges to explore new terrain, to take action, to seek our truth, and to live life as an adventure. We need to do new things in life, fill ourselves with knowledge.

The Fool challenges us to explore new territories and borders. Our life is full of situations that replace true adventures. There is always an excuse or justification for inaction: we always expect other people or things to entertain us. According to Fool, life is a game. The purpose of every game is to have fun. We can learn by playing. We need to do new things in life. We need to widen our borders. If we are satisfied with our current situation, we will not be interested in discovering new things. The quality of Fool needs to be directed, not repressed, as so often happens in modern society.

The Fool reminds us that we must promote our individuality and not endanger it. He feels an instinctive aversion to authority and hates being ordered by others. He needs ample space for him. He hates routine and wants new things to happen all the time around. It could easily attract eccentric colleagues, unpredictable and unable to engage. Its best features are dynamism and ability to act.

The Fool learns from his mistakes. That's his secret. His favorite tool is laughter. The Fool He fully trusts what the universe offers him. He's not afraid. He doesn't regret what he might have done or been. That's past water. Create your future in the present moment, not in the past or future moment. The past and the future are an unnecessary burden. The Fool He travels light because he carries everything he needs. The Fool leads a simple life. Simplicity is the key to life

Sugerencias de Tarot The Fool:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot The Fool

Irregular, chaotic, irresponsibility, naive, cares nothing, eccentricity, elusive, does not appear, perplexity, elusive, out of control, crazy/crackling, rebellious, crisis in maturity, marginal, incapacitated, illusory, invisibility, stupid, disorganization, recklessness, disconcerting, lack of focus, lack of focus commitment.

Palabras claves de Tarot The Fool

Absurd, versatile, quick reaction, enthusiastic, spontaneous, young heart, unpredictable, novice, atypic/different, inventive, experiment, take risks, revolutionary, innovative, reach out, cheerful, drastic, lucky factor, playful, euphoria, individual freedom, unexpected, illusioned, and oacute; n, disagreement with the universe, parties, new ideas, extrovert.

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