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Tarot The High Priestess

The High Priestess is synonymous with virginity or purity (The Virgin Mary, the goddess Isis). In this case, virginity is the symbol of purity of thoughts, feelings, desires, looks, words and gestures.

The mysterious High Priestess jealously keeps her secrets and her knowledge of arcana. This card symbolizes the unconscious, the concern for our inner worlds, the spiritual strength s and the understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition.

Sum High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of unconsciousness, which is all that separates us from our inner landscape. She contains in herself the secrets of these kingdoms and offers us the silent invitation: Stand still and know that I am God.

The Sum High Priestess is the female principle that balances the male strength d the Magician. The female archetype in the tarot is divided between Alta High Priestess and Empress. The Sum High Priestess is the mysterious mystery that women often represent, especially in cultures that focus on the tangible and the known. The Empress represents the role of women as the crucible of life.

In the readings, Sum High Priestess poses a challenge to you to go deeper, to look beyond the obvious, the superficial situation towards the hidden and the dark. He also asks you to remember the immensity of your potential and to remember the unlimited possibilities that you have within you. Sum High Priestess can represent a timeout and permission. It is not always necessary to act to achieve your goals. Sometimes they can be realized through a stillness that gives desire the opportunity to blossom in the fullness of time.

Sugerencias de Tarot The High Priestess:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot The High Priestess

Superstitious, doubt/contradiction, fear of the unknown, nostalgia, psychic attack, blocked feelings, cold, uncontrollable fantasies, feeling of physical or mental impurity, sacrifices, passive role, sexual manipulation, mystification, desire to live in anonymity, cloister, feminism ( leadership of women), puritan, mystery.

Palabras claves de Tarot The High Priestess

Common sense, good memory, receive/collect, subliminal, duplication/reproduction, premonition, inciting, intimacy, observant, time, soaked, information, energetic, neutral, fluid/layers, insight, sanctuary, leave vu/reminder, stimul/response, matriarchal, subjective, wisdom, repetition/pattern, clairvoyance/clairvoyance, telepathic, psychometrics, myths and legends, impressions, gestation/matrix, energy fields, impregnation/channeling, emanations.

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