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Tarot Ten of Wands

In the Ten of Wands, we see a woman trying to carry ten heavy poles. For this woman there is nothing but her burdens and responsibilities.

How true is this for so many today! We assume so much, trying to do all the things that need to be done. We believe that if we can hold out until the weekend (or the holidays, or the end of the semester), we can finally relax. The weekend comes and the overload continues.

In the readings, the Ten of Wands may be a point that you're trying too hard. If your days are an endless round of homework and homework, then you need to relax for the sake of your health and well-being. Reduce and perform only those activities that bring you pleasure. If you love your work, but it consumes you everything, you might focus too much on one area. Balance your life with other interests.

Ten of Wands can also represent times when you have to take most of the responsibility. You may be blamed or left with the bag. On the other hand, you may have to take a step forward and take charge because you are the only one capable enough. Rightfully or without it, cleanliness would be up to you.

The Ten of Wands indicates that your life will be harder than usual for a while. You'll have to fight uphill for every small win. Every step will feel like a fight. When you see this card, be nice to yourself. Lighten the load whenever you can and let others help you. You don't have to take care of everything yourself.

In short, the message of this card is built on the assumption that being excessively rigid prevents seeing the way out of situations, in addition to attracting a little, negativism. Being close to the finish line is no excuse to let your guard down, so if required, there is nothing wrong with asking for help and leaning a little on others.

Focusing on energy is the first step to aspire to success and because, in order to look forward, releasing loads is something that is not negotiable, this card is very committed to the early encounter of metal and physical well-being, henceforth the omens warn of the dangers of overloads.

Sugerencias de Tarot Ten of Wands:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot Ten of Wands

Wrong purpose, too much effort, refusal to learn.

Palabras claves de Tarot Ten of Wands

Devotion, Obligation, Pressure, Effort, Reach the Goal, Excess, Strins, Exchange, Development

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