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Tarot Six Cups

The Six Cups symbolizes the joy of nostalgia, the comfort of home and the innocence of children. On the card itself, there are six cups full of white flowers. Two children appear in the foreground and one passes one cup to another. This delivery of flowers from child to child shows the passing of traditions and happy reunions. Children seem to be in a kind of castle, which we can imagine gives them a sense of safety and comfort.

It is obvious that there is violence, anger and meanness in the world. Certainly there is enough of this, but there is also a lot of goodwill and affection. A mother gives her child a drink. A friend lends his car for the weekend. A worker replaces a sick colleague. Small gestures, barely noticed, but very important. The Six of Cups is a simple goodness card. It encourages you to be kind, generous and forgiving.

The Six of Cups also represents innocence, a word with many nuances of meaning. He may be innocent in the strictly legal sense of lack of guilt. You can be innocent of the truth, unconscious of some secret. It may lack deception or corruption, innocent of hidden motives. Finally, you can be virtuous or chaste. All these are possibilities that can be applied to the Six Cups, depending on the situation.

Notice that the two figures of the Six Cups look like children. Often, this card represents a baby or a small child. In a broader sense, it encompasses all childhood and feelings that we associate with youth (ideally!): Be carefree, playful, safe and loved. Children are our treasure, and the sweetness of the Six Cups is a quality to be treasured as well.

Six Cups can also mean that you will return to a family place. This could be your hometown, an old friend's house, a school or anywhere that has a lot of meaning to you. He seeks to reconnect with people from his past. Recovering old memories reminds us of our childhood, a time when things were simpler.

Sugerencias de Tarot Six Cups:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot Six Cups

Give without receiving and vice versa, expect something in return.

Palabras claves de Tarot Six Cups

Friendship, affinity, sociable, developing relationship, gifts. Nostalgia, Innocence

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