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Tarot the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents the sensitivity or receptivity of a woman. On this card, the woman seems quite happy. It symbolizes the receptive side of our emotional nature, that is, the ability to enjoy emotions or feelings provoked by a person who enters our life or is part of it.

Often, the mind censors many feelings. Social conditioning makes most men feel uneasy in the face of emotions that involve sweetness, love or playfulness. They consider them effeminate expressions. Actually, only the man who is fully sure of his masculinity is able to enjoy the relationship with the Queen of Cups within him.

Only when we stop censoring our feelings and allow ourselves to experience the full range of emotions that life causes us, can we be truly happy.

The Queen of Cups is a wise, luminous, warm, compassionate and very dear person. She knows and understands the nature of the human soul in all its aspects and in all its processes. It is able to understand absolutely everything without emitting judgement s, but it is also able to set limits when necessary. She does not carry responsibilities that do not correspond to her, but she knows how to make this distinction without losing the warmth of her heart.

There is no one who has as much intuition as she, it can be compared only to the greater arcane of The High Priestess, being able to see both the deepest mysteries in the soul as if they were reading writings.

Sugerencias de Tarot the Queen of Cups:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot the Queen of Cups

Immorality, dishonesty, disloyalty, insensitive to the needs of others.

Palabras claves de Tarot the Queen of Cups

Artistic, affectionate, stable mother figure.

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