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Tarot Nine of Pentacles

The woman of the Nine of Pentacles or pentacles is quietly walking through the gardens of her estate. She is clearly a lady of refinement and grace, so it is incongruous to see in her left hand a bird trained to hunt and kill to order. Falconry is an unusual pastime for a gentle woman, but it is the key to the special nature of this card.

On the one hand, the Nine of Pentacles represents all that is kinder, altruistic and civilized. Art, music and other forms of beauty are part of our physical world (Pentacles). The coins are present in this scene, but they are towards the ground. The business of life is important, but we don't have to focus on practical issues all the time. We can also enjoy the good things in life. In the readings, the Nine of Pentacles may involve an interest in these areas. It is also a sign that you may have to reject the rude or offensive and seek the highest.

The Nine of Pentacles can also be a sign of discipline and self-control. This woman enjoys her cultured life because she has mastered her lower instincts. Her impulses work for her because they don't rule her. The falcon symbolizes everything that is dark and ungovernable in human nature. Our dark side can serve us well, but only when directed. Sometimes the Nine of Pentacles suggests that you should show moderation and self-control to achieve your best efforts. You may have to “sacrifice” for the time being, but the results will be worth it.

This Charter is also a sign of self-sufficiency. Sometimes you have to rely on our own ability to handle a situation. Resist the temptation to let others do for you. You need to take the matter into your own hands. Our elegant lady has done exactly that. She trusted her own determination and determination, and now enjoys all the best life has to offer.

The Nine of Pentacles embodies recognition in front of the eyes of others. This card recognizes our work. We are satisfied because we have obtained a good material position and the appreciation of our companions. Thus, this card represents success on the material plane. Do people value their work and effort?

Sugerencias de Tarot Nine of Pentacles:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot Nine of Pentacles

Smug, egotism, put on a pedestal, peacock, obsessed with appearances.

Palabras claves de Tarot Nine of Pentacles

Discipline, Self-sufficiency, Refinement, Fame, promotion, rank, award, success, increment.

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