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The Knight of Wands is full of energy and life. He's never afraid to try something new and he'll achieve all the enthusiasm he can. Others may shake their heads at his crazy acrobatics, but they still admire his courage and passion. It's sexy and irresistible... always charming. On the downside, this Knight is too sure of himself and his abilities. It tends to be superficial and thoughtless. Don't expect a deep commitment from him. It's also reckless and irresponsible. He acts without thinking and constantly gets into trouble because of his temper.

In the readings, a Knight of Wands shows that his confident and passionate style is involved in the situation as an aspect of you, another person or of the atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself, is this Knight's energy helping or hurting?

If your style is obvious, then balance is needed. Is your confidence really arrogance? Are you angry and impatient all the time? Are you fool for someone you know is going to break your heart? Is your company rushing into something risky without preparation? It may be time for a change.

If this Knight's energy is lacking, a dose of passion and boldness may be necessary. Are you in a rut? Try something new. Are you always planning down to the last detail? Do it next time. Are you working too much? Go out and have fun. Let the Knight of Wands introduce you to his world of adventure, emotion and risk.

Like all other horses in the divinatory tarot, the Knight of Wands is associated with an action in progress or in preparation. In other situations, it suggests the arrival of a person who may play a leading role in the consultant's life. Finally, it sometimes refers to certain personality traits specific to the consultant or one of his family members.


Aspectos negativos de TAROT THE KNIGHT OF WANDS

suggests a flagrant lack of action on the part of the consultant. Paralyzed by the possible consequences of his decisions, he locks himself in the anguish of reflection without it ever giving way to mobilization. Sooner or later, the consultant will end up expressing a certain form of helplessness if he does not learn to consider the virtues of action in their proper measure. It also points to the presence of significant obstacles, which temporarily slow down the character's progress. Regardless of their will and their difficult control, these ambushes are a significant cause of frustration. To avoid giving way to anger, it will be a matter of looking at the situation from a new angle and committing once and for all to devote some time to it. In any case, long-term objectives are not in question under any circumstances.

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