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The King of Pentacles embodies a person who is at the peak of his activity. This card represents success through our own effort and talent. This person dominates the physical universe and encourages and supports others. When we look at successful people, it seems to us that they owe everything to their good fortune. We do not see the dedication, the suffering, the conjugal and family sacrifices that make up the crucible of that good fortune. This card encourages us to grow and thrive. It's possible.

This card is very clear in its meaning, if the Queen of Gold expressed the intuitive power attached to the material, the king of gold is expressing the power of reason that joins matter. This card is telling us that there is a very favourable economic situation, very stable and that there is great power and potential that can develop in relation to money.

The king of gold clearly states that there is something immovable that comes from the past and can continue to sustain itself in time, there is no economic problem nor will there be any future. The king is always a positive card and in this case it is related to money and money.

In Tarot readings, the King of Pentacles asks you to take the types of actions you could take. For example: maintaining a commitment, fixing something that is broken, earning money or sponsoring a new company. This King can also represent a man or woman who acted as he does, or a stable and reliable atmosphere of competition. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has a meaning for you right now. Be inspired by this King in any way that appears in your life.

Sugerencias de Tarot the KING OF PENTACLES:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot the KING OF PENTACLES

This inverted card is telling us that there is no control over the situation, that we have a certain spirit that is too fickle and too shaky that prevents economic energy from flowing

Palabras claves de Tarot the KING OF PENTACLES

Constant, permanent, prodigal, loans, calculated, administrator

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