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King of Cups Tarot

The personality of the King of Copas is a combination of the positive energy of the water of the Copas stick and the active and external focus of a King.

He is wise and sympathetic, with a deep knowledge of the world that comes from the heart. He is a teacher and counselor who guides his students with loving attention. He cares about others sincerely and always responds to their needs with compassion.

It heals with a soft touch and a quiet word. He is calm and relaxed in all situations, and seems to intuitively know what is needed at all times. Others come to him for advice because they know he will listen to them attentionally.

There is always a peace around him that others respond to. It is tolerant of all points of view and shows patience in the most difficult circumstances. It gives others the freedom to grow and develop in their own way without asking for anything in return.

In the readings, the King of Copas asks you to take the kind of actions you could take. For example: responding calmly in a crisis, using diplomacy instead of strength, asking for help or accepting a different point of view.

This King may also represent a man or woman who acts like him, or an atmosphere of love, tolerance and understanding. In a reading, it tells you that his special energy has meaning to you right now.

Be inspired by this King in any way that appears in your life.

Sugerencias de King of Cups Tarot:

Aspectos negativos de King of Cups Tarot

Bland, please others, between two waters, sensible.

Palabras claves de King of Cups Tarot

Stable, eccentric, creative, father figure, wise, calm, diplomatic, tolerant

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