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Tarot Five of Swords

Talk about one's own interest. Society tells us to think about others, but we resist. How can we ignore our own concerns and continue to survive? This dilemma comes from our definition of itself. If we see ourselves as our personality/body, our interests become those that relate to that self. Do I have enough to eat? Am I happy? Do I have everything I want?

We can expand our concern for those we love, but, then, how can we stop there? We are connected with everyone in the long term. Indeed, our self is the world. What we do to that world, we do to ourselves. This understanding is very basic, but it is very easy to forget the day by day.

In the readings, the Five of Swords may mean that you or someone else are forgetting this broader view of the self. You are defining your interests too closely. If you try to advance in isolation, your actions will again pursue you later, one way or another.

Sometimes this card implies the need to put their own interests first. If you are being abused or exploited, you must free yourself. If you are exhausted by the demands, be careful. If it's your turn, step forward and claim your rightful. Just keep in mind that if you hurt others in the process, your victory will not feel complete.

It also represents hostility, from a crusade to a war. When the wires that tie us break, we experience disconnection. This card can mean dishonors that are quite open. Tricks, lies, tricks, cheats, even crabs. You can be on the receiving end, or be the author. Either way, keep a broader view of who you are. Find the solution that's best for everyone... including you.

Sugerencias de Tarot Five of Swords:

Aspectos negativos de Tarot Five of Swords

Separation, pessimistic, rejection, lies, deception, tears, shame, egoism

Palabras claves de Tarot Five of Swords

Annoying, retreat, casualties, hostile, conflict, wrong

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