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Viking Runes

The Uruz Rune

Force Principles
Male and Female

Other names of this Rune :
Urz, Urus y Ur
Element: Earth

Keys: Money, valuables, generosity, positivism




This is the Rune of the end and the beginning. It is a Rune of transition and indicates that the life you have lived so far must change, allowing a new form to emerge.

You may suffer the loss of something or someone with whom you have strong emotional ties. However, Uruz reminds you that it is an entirely natural process: death, fertilization, gestation and rebirth. The ashes fertilize the earth to future harvests.


Learn to adapt to the moment by relying on the strength of your manhood or femininity, and look for the opportunity hidden behind the loss.


Uruz tells us there is strength and energy, but mostly, there is willingness. Sudden impulses and daring are sometimes hard to control, but they are relieved by means of hard and endless work in the end. Vitality plays an important part here, because when it faces hardness and challenges, it softens things and brings them to fruition. The development could be more or less slow, with high or low level difficulties, but mainly, it shows a distinctive feature: it does not go back.

ASK "WHY?" TO Uruz

The answer to why Uruz, refers to the fact that the force that is being used is associated, mainly, with instinctive elements, which, on the one hand, may turn out to be boundless, and on the other hand, they do not allow willingness to be broken and they keep things within their vital parameters. The required force is present and shows up, sometimes, in excess.


Uruz advises us to be brave and not to be so meek. One should be more risky and energetic. It is vital to reassure one�s will and never give up. We have to make use of that strength we have not moved yet and that we definitely have; strengths that are further associated with innate and extra human characteristics. Hardness should not defeat us; we have to face them and grow up along with them.


It helps to reinforce the spirit and renew the vows thanks to one�s willingness. It sticks out the mission of the one who has to continue a job and it shows it is not possible to continue without willingness. The end embraces tradition.


Uruz refers to a vital, strong and very active moment, when there is growing encouragement and one can not go back. It is also the time of difficulties that should be overcome by means of effort, when there is no other thing to do but face it up and work. The moment Uruz talks about is the one when energy and instinct show up no matter what.


At the beginning, this rune describes a wild or natural place; it also refers to some places where it is difficult to stay in, if we do not pass the test every single day. In some cases it is about a place that should be kept daily in order to survive. Uruz may be pointing out to some land or wild territory, a place of restless activity, a place that is difficult to change, a place for hunting or any other place associated with adventure.


This rune refers to an impulsive person; it is about a treasurer; someone who is brave and enjoys taking risks. We see a strong, brave and hard-working person in Uruz; he or she does not give up just because. It is about a personality that mainly follows his or her intuition; likewise, it is little diplomatic, straight and difficult to deal with.

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