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Viking Runes

The Othila Rune

Separation / Withdrawal

Other names of this Rune :
Odal, Ethel, Othala, Othil o Utal
Element: Earth

Keys: Home, country, inheritance, benefits, power, wisdom, roots



This is the Rune of beneficial gains. It indicates a time when tangible preparation will yield equally tangible results. It is an excellent opportunity to learn, improve and expand. It marks a time when new acquisitions will be favored .


It also indicates a time of blessings in which the actions taken will most likely be successful and will bring new and better opportunities for growth. This is a moment that, if you know how to take advantage of it, will reward you with all kinds of important benefits for your growth.


It tells us there is power, both in terms of rank and materialism. The rules of hierarchy are quite clear and they are respected. Traditions play a very important role, as they are conservative policies. Focus is on major matters.

ASK "WHY?" TO Othila

The answer to why Hotel, refers to the fact that there is no social order without hierarchy, and least of all if there is not a unifying leader on top of it. Respecting and reinforcing rules makes tradition stronger and paves the way for the subsequent development in the future.

ASK "THE HOW?" TO Othila

Hotel suggests us to take on what we receive and are in charge of, while we take the lead of negotiations, and give value to our place and responsibility over our own business.


It helps to remind us the value of wisdom and to prove our ancestors� worth. There is no real fruit without tradition. Its mission is that of bring back memories. The end refers to let wisdom stay forever.

ASK "WHEN?" TO Othila

We are in a steady and safe moment. This time is for us to settle down and where institutional orders prevail. It is about a period of time in which the person�s wealth increase and one reassures economic power. The moment Hotel refers to is the one in which all rules are accepted exactly the way they are.

ASK "WHERE?" TO Othila

This rune describes a place that, at first, is characterized by certain category. It is an important and traditional place, where one can exert power. In other cases, Othila may refer to the family house. For example, it may be a library, a stay, a house of government, a castle, a fortress or any other place involving prestige.

ASK "THE WHO?" TO Othila

This rune is associated with someone who, at first, is pretty constant, who can also be powerful. It is about a conscious person who has strong traditions. It is a personality gifted with wisdom, which is claimed by many people close by, because of his clear thoughts. His rules may change the course of events. It may refer to a minister, a governor, a judge, a professor, a grandfather, a patriarch, an advisor or a consultant.

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