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Viking Runes

The Teiwaz Rune

The Warrior
The Guide Star

Other names of this Rune :
Thir, Tyr, Tiwaz
Element: Air

Keys: Right path, Polar Star, orientation, victory, success

The Star



The masculine energy and the active principle are characteristic of this Rune, resulting in an anxiety of conquest. Teiwaz is the Rune of bravery, dedication and absolute confidence in one's own resources.

In matters of personal relationships or devotion to a cause, Teiwaz advises you to perseverance and at the same time reminds you that patience is sometimes a form of perseverance.


Look inside yourself and thoroughly analyze the fundamentals of your life. By doing this you will be able to know and take advantage of your deepest and most powerful resources.


Teiwaz tells us there are ideals and strictness, strength, self-determination and a spirit of struggle; therefore, there is no lack of courage and honor of the word given. The signs are quite clear and the road is correct. Everything goes without making any pause in the right direction.

ASK "WHY?" TO Teiwaz

The answer to why Teiwaz, refers to a desire of conquer and a need of struggle and improvement. There is no other way than imposing a direction on circumstances and exerting control by means of progress; on he contrary, one can lose the right way.

ASK "THE HOW?" TO Teiwaz

Teiwaz says at the beginning we should appreciate ourselves and stake our internal forces, which are generally powerful when we find them. It is necessary not to let oneself be overwhelmed; on the contrary, one has to be brave and courageous and move on. Our way should not stop making sense.


Because it helps to focus on the objective clearly, one can also study the road to follow carefully. It describes to keep strictness and not to allow detours at all. The mission of this rune is to reinforce leadership. The end refers to hit the target.

ASK "WHEN?" TO Teiwaz

Teiwaz takes us to decisive, fast and inexorable times, which relieves and shows up unexpectedly, leaving no room for any reaction. It may also refer to a certain period or space of time which takes place from the beginning to the end without any pause. In fact, it is a kind of immediate future. The moment Teiwaz talks about is the one in which things that have already been started can not stop.

ASK "WHERE?" TO Teiwaz

This rune is associated with the place of one�s goal or the way to it; that is why, it tells us we are by near or by the roadside. It is a place of directions and decisions. In others cases, Teiwaz may refer to a land of warriors. For example, it may be a gym, a sports field or a battle field, the stock market, or any other place that is involved with competition and victory at the same time.

ASK "THE WHO?" TO Teiwaz

This rune describes someone who is domineering and hardened; he has clear goals and tends to be surprising too. It is about a sharp personality. It describes someone who has reached his goals because of his abilities, but mostly, because of his loyalty. We are being described a team or campaign leader that takes the group to the victory.

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