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Viking Runes

The Eihwaz Rune

Spell Powers

Other names of this Rune :
Iwaz, Eoh y Eow
Element: Fire

Keys: Strategy, defense, patience, control of the situation, foresight

Kin of Swords



This Rune is related to the difficulties that arise at the beginning of a new life and the defenses we raise against the unknown.

He often announces a waiting time and therefore his main advice is patience. If there are obstacles in your way, remember that delay can be beneficial. Do not be anxious: it is necessary for the fruit to ripen in the branch before harvesting.


You are advised to foresee the consequences before acting. Once your decision is completely clear, you can carry out the action without much effort. Take the moment to put your house in order and attend to your personal affairs.


It tells us there are hidden things or secret issues. The real cause that makes sense to the situation lies under the surface. Unknown matters exerts some influence over reality, by means of certain signs that lead us into research and go deep down into facts that had not considered before. There is a need to reveal some mystery.

ASK "WHY?" TO Eihwaz

The answer to why Eihwaz, refers to the fact that a plan or strategy can be made, just with means one has. Most of the things that are part of one�s daily reality can become weapons, specially, ways to fight against and set aside danger. There are ways to stop the enemy�s approach.

ASK "THE HOW?" TO Eihwaz

Eihwaz tells us it is advisable to plan a strategy ahead before we keep doing things confidently or spontaneously. One has to save for the future and be cautious, without show cards, leaving the initiative to the opponent. One should design one�s protection over one�s own territory and do not move on until danger has been overcome.


It helps to protect the fruits of one�s labor. It is the secret strategy for human eyes that allows good fortune. The end is the knowledge that covers spiritual protection.

ASK "WHEN?" TO Eihwaz

Eihwaz allows some extra time, which is not taken into account by others, but it is vital for us. It is a moment of savings that has not been used yet. The moment Eihwaz talks about is the one in which we realize that we really have more time than the one we thought we had.

ASK "WHERE?" TO Eihwaz

First, Eihwaz refers to a strategic place, defensive in some way. It is a protecting or protected place, where one is safe. It may also apply to a place associated with planning and intelligence. In other case, it is the world of the dead. Among other things, Eihwaz may refer to a fortress, headquarters, an impregnable place, a bank, a place with a panoramic or leading view, an advertising agency, a graveyard, a temple or any place where the limits are well defined for the sake of dissuading.

ASK "THE WHO?" TO Eihwaz

Eihwaz describes a conservative person, who can understand others� needs. This is about a strategist and an innovative personality. It may apply to a business coordinator, an inventor, a market specialist, an advertising agent or a politician.

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