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Viking Runes

The Isa Rune


Other names of this Rune :
Is, Isa, Ice
Element: Ice

Keys: Pause, protection, detention, defense, paralysis, winter

Queen of Swords


Positive achievements are unlikely at this time. There is a freeze in activities and all your plans may be on hold. However, do not despair: this is the time of gestation that precedes birth.

This pause is probably more due to external circumstances than internal ones. However, try to find what internal aspects are holding you in this position and let go. Clean, discard, let go of the past. This will help speed up the defrosting process .


Remember that during winter the seeds sleep underground. Trust your own process and wait for the signs of spring.


It tells us there is reward and plenty. There are many ways to get benefits. In this case, big efforts are not necessary; realization is more effective and it seems to be quite close. Results come in a natural way, in keeping with their cycle.


The answer to why Isa, refers to the natural process of slowing down that something experiences or certain circumstance. Inertia is over, things lose speed and it turns slower until it completely stops. There is no impulse or cause.


Isa tell us it is necessary to make a pause and do not move on. One has to buy time and think things over. Hurry is our worst enemy; we should risk nothing, but save.


It is good for us to think things over. It is the logic that remains at the service of life. Its aim is to stay apart from emotion. It is about putting images and emotions on ice to avoid outbursts.


Isa shows a moment in which we should stop; it may also refer to a pause. It is time to save, not to waste, which implies a moment of recess. In other situations, it may describe a really cold day or winter season. It is a good moment to check archives and make balance. The moment Isa talks about is the one in which one holds vitality.


First, this rune sets us in a cold or frozen place, associated with the Poles, or just cold because it lacks human warmth; it is not warming. Isa can also talk about a place with many delicate elements or may glasses and mirrors. In other cases, it refers to inactive places, with no movement, but quite preserved. Among many other things, Isa may refer to places in the Arctic or the Antarctic, a snowy place, a cold storage chamber, an ice rink, a frozen lake, a field with frost, glassworks, a refrigerator, a shop window, etc.


Isa describes a cold, Cartesian and calculating person. This person has a surly personality; he cut himself off, and, on the other hand, it is difficult to exert any kind of influence. It may refer an anesthetist, a mathematician, an orthodox scientist. In summary, it describes a logical person with no dreams or fantasies.

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