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Viking Runes

The Inguz Rune

Fertility / New Beginnings
El Dios Ing

Other names of this Rune :
Ingwaz e Ing
Element: Air

Keys: Evolution, speed, new paths, openness, creativity, occurrence

The Fool


This Rune represents the need to share, to be desired, the search for similarities and the drive towards harmony in personal relationships. It could indicate a new path, a new relationship, a new life.

Inguz symbolizes the end of a period of lethargy, the release of tension and uncertainty. However, it is necessary to fertilize the ground for such release.


Keep your feet on the ground and stay away from any undesirable influences. This is a good time to complete any pending projects in your life. If so, you are advised to prioritize it.


Inguz tells us there is impulsiveness and frenzy. Imagination prevails and the states of infringements are almost steady, but, at the same time, this means a continuous process of evolution. The productive capacity is at its peak.

ASK "WHY?" TO Inguz

The answer to why Inguz refers to the fact that nothing remains static or reaches a state of crystallization. On the contrary, there is always an underlying tendency to improve in any sense to get to one�s desired and familiar aims a little bit further.


Inguz tell us we should let our imagination soar and be determined in our desire to settle on, but we have to be careful with obsessions and passions. It is necessary to make an effort not to lose balance.


It helps to dazzle, break any conservative rules and deal with routine. Its mission is nothing but to brake with traditional values and teach others not to trust too much what one considers safe. The end represents creativity.

ASK "WHEN?" TO Inguz

The moment Inguz talks about is dynamic and dramatic. It is about a moment of evolution, infringement, which is also carefree, innovative and maybe conspicuous. This rune may refer to youth. The moment Inguz talks about is the one in which adrenaline shows up.


This rune describes a place with continuous transformations; it is changeable. It is an innovative place or permanent pioneer innovations are taking place there. In other cases, Inguz may refer to places affected by hurricanes. Among many things, it may refer to places involved with arts or places where our senses are stimulated.


This rune describes a person who, at first, is unpredictable and talented. This is a cheerful and passionate person, who has remarkable and changeable emotions. It is the spitting image of an artist who breaks with formality and establishes patterns. In other condition, Inguz may refer to a very young person, or a person who goes beyond limits.

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