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Viking Runes

The Raido Rune

Travel / Communication
Union / Meeting

Other names of this Rune :
Reid, Rad o Raidho
Element: Fire

Keys: Travel, changes, surprises, transfers, communication

Wheel of Fortune



This Rune is related to the communication and harmony of something that is composed of two elements.

It often signals the possibility of a journey, either physical or into your being. Such a journey could well be towards self-healing or self-change.


Perhaps an unexpected union occurs in your life, or perhaps you meet someone close to you who you have not contacted for a long time. Or perhaps the union that Raido foreshadows refers to certain internal parts of you that until now they had been in conflict.


It says there are movement, changes and turns in current circumstances. What seems to be kept in a certain position, suddenly heads towards other directions. Taking into account the point of reference, distances are longer or shorter, but, in most of the cases, actions are fast. In spite of clear changes, it is hard to warn of the true nature of change.

ASK "WHY?" TO Raido

The answer to why Raido, refers to the fact that changes take place from outside. Influence generally bursts in naturally, though at the beginning it is almost unconscious, but in the end, it leads to movement and change. The surrounding action calls the attention towards things that were strange or distant up to now, and could be owned.


This rune suggests us to make changes and not to stay in the same place. It is necessary to make a turn and show things in a different way or take them somewhere else instead. It would be advisable making an attempt to surprise.


It helps to add new elements and not to get stuck. It includes interchange of knowledge and ways of life and flexibility. The end is to encourage tolerance towards things that are different.

ASK "WHEN?" TO Raido

Raido leads us into times of change, when one breaks with routine. It is a moment in which everything around us changes and pushes us to change too. Nothing can be left far behind. Cycles are renewed. It may also refer to a change of decade or season. The moment Raido talks about is the one in which change is inevitable.


On the one hand, Raido sets us in a strange place; on the other hand, it is a far place. It may refer to a place abroad or one that means traveling abroad. It describes a place quite different from the one we are used to go to, which calls our attention. For example, it may be referring to a touristic place or vacations, another country, pilgrimage, a road, a cruise or any other mean of transportation.


Raido describes a person who is not very conservative; he�d rather change or tend to stay up dated. It is about a person who loves innovations and thinks about future; he has a vision of change. This person has a personality that is hard to predict; however, it is easy for him to surprise. He always finds out a new side of his personality, which seems strange for others sometimes. In other cases, this rune may be just talking about a traveler, or an actor.

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