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Viking Runes

The Odin Rune

The Destination / The Unknown
The White Rune

Other names of this Rune :
White rune and blank rune
Element: Undetermined

Keys: Unforeseen



This is the Rune of absolute trust. In its symbolism, The White Rune represents true Hope: a present full of possibilities. At the same time pregnant and empty, it keeps in it the strength of an undiluted potential. Your highest good and all your fertile dreams are contained in its whiteness. Drawing the White Rune often calls for an act of courage equivalent to leaping into the void empty-handed. It is a direct test of faith.


Odin reminds you that obstacles from the past may well become the doors to new beginnings. The Void is the end, the Void is the beginning.


When Odin appears as an answer to this instance, he suggests us to go deep into the knowledge of our personal history. During many years, our ancestors believed that we are the visible part of a chain of no less than eight previous generations, which we almost know nothing about. The Viking Orlog is the result of the Vedic Karma and Dharma, time and light of our previous actions that offer today�s rewards. The difference between these concepts is that the Orlog does not restrain itself to the person, but it is associated with several members of the family. Not only are physical characteristics inherited, but also are conflicts, debts and gifts, prejudices, blessings, and fears of ancestors, whose face was never seen. That is our Orlog, which Odin asks us to investigate. The roots of “What Happens” go back to forgotten times that have to be revitalized; either it is about a past incarnation or an ancestor who apologizes because he did not keep his word, who has some unresolved business, or who has to put an end to curses and revenges on him. Odin is in the environment of the one who encourages going deep down and going into the maze of family. As the history of soul is associated with the family we belong to, moving one piece means moving the whole group. Being brave enough to talk to the signs of heaven is not an easy thing. However, as we start to investigate, our ancestors, from the light perspective, make our answers easy. To summarize: The answer to what Odin is may mean that whatever lives or happens is a karmic relationship (Orlog), the hand of heaven, an opportunity to catch or find out lies that were inherited. It also may mean that another family lived exactly the same in another epoch. In this last case, such repetition (either one�s or family-related) has the sole objective to untie the knot, though we are the only ones that dare to fight against the tradition of pain. If we set free such barrier, we will help all coming generations (children, nephews or nieces) so they do not have to stand such an ancient command.

ASK "WHY?" TO Odin

The fact that Odin explains why is a challenge for us to go deep down in the spiritual nature of the question per se. Let�s remember the legend as it reads that the wisest of all gods was hanging from the Tree of Life nine days and nine nights for his enlightenment, which basically means to study carefully our beliefs, with a touch of devotion. All that is characterized by a sign of Odin will enjoy great prestige and good health. It will be just the opposite if we talk about incomplete, trivial and artificial resolutions. Divine explanations are far away from human ones; the sign made by heaven left a trail; it would be enough to follow it for us to find Valhalla, where we would lie on an endless feast. Another answer could refer to the fact that we should do more research on our previous lives, because this rune describes such a karma dating back to situations related to other times and places, either about people, love relationships or projects. The fact that they were incomplete, with no proper ending, makes us see them as a priority so we can feel comfortable with the harmony in our body, mind and spirit. Sometimes many lives are required to channel a karmic relationship. Conscience is the most proper mean, because we know that the just because from heaven, is not coming down to hurt us, but to make us practice approval ass the greatest sign. To summarize: The reason why Odin, refers to the fact that one is getting to the bottom of one�s principles; then devotion to one�s principles arouses. The reasons of the spirit start to act and its secrets are unfathomable.


As soon as Odin appears as the answer to how, he invites us to go beyond, to stay apart from the circle of action and consequence, and he enriches the concept of our life mission. What makes the difference between a routine with a certain mission and another one without it is the complete devotion to an ideal that leads us to God. If we can understand that the time for our mission has come, it will be easier to make any decision, and we will admit that we are motivated not by a humane source, but a divine one. The answer to the question how to make it can be understood in many different ways: the perfect way, as it is offered to heaven, without blame; under a sacred order, that is, following all signs that characterize every single proof of Odin, as we are open to those signs; or rather carrying out our mission in life supported by love and willingness. To summarize: Odin advices not to withstand and accept faith or such experience as it has been resolved from above. Anyway, we will have to go through it; so it is better if is in a natural way.


The moment in which Odin appears as an answer to the reason why things happen, it encourages to go deep down in the task, a daily activity, that we summarize as mission.The task could be summarized as the attempt to bring back happiness to someone who has lost hope, offer a service for free, or just be a better person to oneself. The reasons Odin gives us are made of small particles that give shape to the whole; these are actions, which once on the move, turn potential energy into kinetic one, the same way cells generate tissue. Many of them are full of complex theories that end up as an obstacle, instead of being related to Odin�s true nature: make people responsible for the land, civilization, as they are in harmony with their knowledge and their kind. Odin�s reasons are never complex or shocking; they are associated with sensitive criteria and common processes that are too obvious, so they go unnoticed; just the same way seasons of the year are: they set in the scenery little by little; or like karmic laws, which give back -like a boomerang- past times damage that made excessive use of action and drama, and at the same time give flowers to those people who used the same freedom to improve their lives. To summarize: Basically, Odin serves to get revelations and let us know, though we do not understand it in that very moment, that everything is taking its place according to the right nature of the situation; he tells us that all the pieces are looking for the right position according to universal laws, not individual ones.


If Odin answers when and it is about a three-time throw, we should consider the position. If it is in the first position to the right, it means the opportunities are over and they were not used well. Another possibility is that we are doing something that has already started and we do not notice or consider it. In the middle position, it refers to today�s situation; it means the moment is right now. Odin avoids doubts and hesitation; it encourages not delaying the project we are in. In the third position to the left, it refers to future; it means the moment has not come yet and it is will soon do. Then this answer depends on the position of the rune, because it is a throw about time since its beginning. To summarize: Odin leads us into a moment of suspense, which seems to go on forever. This is a time in which things seem to remain unchangeable and useless. However, something is going to happen actually, which will change a whole life.


From the moment on Odin appears as an answer to Where, it suggests an original environment, which is the ideal one to develop qualities, reunions and cycle openings. As this rune itself has the meaning of karma, there is no doubt at all that this is the place where one�s soul claims to be; either because of a previous life in those parts of the world –, which describes a simple return; or because our ancestors point out to descent ancient roots in that land –, which is a major return. When these two sides get together, it is quite common that one�s conscience and senses are stimulated; it is one of the best known: the déj�’ vu, which is explained as having been in a certain place before, even though in this life one has never gone through it. To summarize: Odin takes us to a place that belongs to us: the one we largely belong to. It does not matter if it looks advantageous because of the circumstances or not, nice or shocking, beautiful or unpleasant. It is a place where our soul should lie because of any reason we do not know.


If Odin answers Who, it refers to the one who has more action power. This is the person that does not spread slanders, which is kind-hearted, and mostly, be willing to give everything without asking anything in return. Besides, this person should be morally upright, loved and respected for everyone, and tolerant. It is about the Lord of the Battle�s profile. Only a soul free from selfish interests can be sealed with eye sign, the key to perceive the universe as multidimensional. Both women and men may receive his gifts. It is not because of a male image that the answer will be subject to sex. In case the question is about a robbery, a rip-off or a past betrayal, Odin�s rune repeats a karmic connection between the person who is asking and the fact: it is not important to know who the responsible was, but why one has been involved in such difficult situation. In case of present or future conspiracy, Odin warns that the mask of the true responsible will be soon taken away. He will pay with sorrow and shame for the damage he caused. In summary: Odin speaks about someone who just does not agree to see things the usual way; on the contrary, he tries to see them through opposed or different points of view, just like the one who dares to see the world upside down and accepts the challenge and sacrifice, in order to get a different and revealing vision.

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