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The dates of each sign make it possible to know which sign someone belongs to only by knowing the date of their birth.

According to astrology, the date we were born defines our personality. Our characteristic features therefore depend on the sign of the zodiac to which we belong. Each one has a period on the calendar, and it is essential to know which one is our sign.


[March 21 - April 19]







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The origins of the sign of Aries can be found in the legend of the Argonauts who set off in search of the Golden Fleece. These fearless Greek heroes were traveling on the ship built by Minerva for the occasion and which received the name of Argos.
Among them were Hercules, Jason, Castor and Polux. The adventure ends with the death of the hero. In the middle of a strong storm, a wooden beam comes off and falls on his head.
The fact that Aries is associated with this legend of a tragic ending, causes the Arians to be attributed their head as a weak point.

Another appearance of Aries in mythology, takes place in Hindu. This relationship comes from the animal that represents it: the ram. In India, this animal is chosen to transport the creator god.
This animal, highly revered by ancient cultures such as the Egyptian, goes back to pre-Christian times.
Moreover, we must not forget that the era of Aries ends when the Christian era begins, after remaining as an astrological era about two thousand years.

From 1991 to 1786 (a. C.) fortifications are built in the eastern part of the Nile River and in some of the delta falls. It is then that the twelfth Egyptian dynasty erected the grand shrine of Karnak, where the god Amun, who is depicted with his head in the form of a ram, will be worshipped.

But, leaving aside its mythological part, we must also focus on what corresponds to Aries as a zodiac sign that determines certain types of behavior or character.The
sign of the ram corresponds to the honor of occupying the first house of the zodiac wheel. This innovative character is implicit in the Arians, active people where they exist, even though they often think faster than they act.

Rated by Mars, god of war, Aries is known to all other signs for his fighting and combative spirit that can turn into abuse of power when he surpasses the permitted limits of leadership.

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