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Part of Fortune calculator

A wealth indicator in your chart

The part of fortune is one of the Arabic parts in astrology. There are many other Arabic parts or Greek lots.

  • Indicates good luck, grace and favour
  • Suggests ease of wealth
  • The house and sign indicates the quality of the fortune
  • Consider the planetary ruler and its condition

The Part of Fortune is a fictitious point that is calculated with the Ascendant, the sun and the moon (so it is important to know the date, time and place of birth). By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you discover your Part of Fortune

The part of fortune is a fictitious point that is calculated with the Ascendant, the sun and the moon (it is therefore important to know the date, time and place of birth). The part of fortune comes from Arab astrology which has given a “part” to each degree of the zodiac (part of marriage, part of the mother, etc.).

In the face of the complexity of calculations and interpretations, over time we have kept only the “part of fortune” which is not, as some believe, the index of a material fortune or an important money saving.
The part of fortune symbolizes in what area (according to the house) and in what way (according to the sign) everyone can access the fullness.

The share of fortune in a theme reveals, as its name indicates, the good fortune and the facilities of the person. It is comparable to Jupiter, which expresses luck, opportunity, and evolution. It is symbolized by a cross in a circle. If you have a fortune in Aries, you must listen to your instincts and seize the opportunities that arise. In Taurus, your share of fortune lies in your ability to manage, and above all, to preserve your achievements, whatever the circumstances. In Gemini, your luck comes from your relationship and your innate ability to get an influential network. In Cancer, your luck comes from your family or your mother, from what she has transmitted to you by inheritance or by her excellent advice. If your share of fortune is in Leo, your charisma is your best asset, as well as your innate sense of valuing your talents. In Virgo, she reveals that your sense of analysis and your intellectual abilities are your chance and that you must use them to evolve.

In Libra, your share of fortune indicates that you can succeed by making a beautiful marriage with someone from a wealthy background. If you have a fortune in Scorpio, count on your business acumen to make money and integrate influential social circles. In Sagittarius, your share of fortune indicates that your luck comes from abroad, whether working for a foreign company or going to live in another country. In Capricorn, she reveals that you must rely on your stamina to achieve your ambitions and that you must focus on everything authentic. If you have your fortune in Aquarius, you must favor ideas and avant-garde concepts to succeed. In Pisces, she reveals that your success lies in your ability to listen and follow your intuition.

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