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Therapeutic Tarot

Therapeutic Tarot is a practice that focuses on introspection and personal growth through the cards of the tarot. Unlike traditional tarot, often associated with predicting the future, therapeutic tarot is used as a tool for reflection and emotional healing. Here is a summary of the content from the page you provided, followed by some poetic reflections in English:

Summary of Therapeutic Tarot:

Therapeutic tarot emerges as a method of self-discovery and personal evolution, where the interpretation of the cards focuses on the present moment, seeking balance and healing of emotional and spiritual blockages. Through a therapeutic reading, specific questions can be asked to allow the cards to reveal answers and advice. This approach is based on the belief that the future is not set in stone but can be shaped by our actions and emotions. Professional seers use this technique to predict future situations and perform energetic and emotional cleansings, offering a new perspective on life. The tarot cards used are the same as in conventional tarot, but the intention and focus of the reading are different, aimed at spiritual evolution and individual growth.


Encounter with the Self:

In the stillness of the mind and the whisper of the soul, therapeutic tarot is both mirror and compass, reflecting the hidden, guiding to solace, a journey inward, where truth takes its stance.

Personal Transformation:

As the phoenix rises from ashes in flight, so the cards suggest a change, a yearning bright, not fate, but the path is the beautiful sight, and in each card, a step towards the light.

Healing of the Heart:

Amongst arcana and symbols, an ancient tongue, healing is woven, a vital song sung, each revelation, a spiritual balm flung, to mend the wounds, in a ritual begun.


Therapeutic tarot is an invitation to profound reflection, a dialogue with the subconscious that allows confronting and transforming the emotions and thoughts that limit us. It is a path of self-awareness and growth that empowers us to be architects of our own destiny. With each spread, the possibility of new understanding opens and the promise of a future forged by consciousness and will.

To delve deeper into the subject and create a complete article, one could expand on each of these points, intertwining technical information with poetic narrative to capture the essence of therapeutic tarot and its impact on the journey toward emotional well-being.

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