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The Chariot in Tarot: A Symbol of Mastery, Direction, and Triumph

In the captivating realm of Tarot, each card carries profound symbolism and a unique narrative. Among these mystical symbols, The Chariot stands out as a powerful embodiment of control, determination, and victory. In this exploration of over 1000 words, we delve into the meaning of The Chariot, its number, the astrological sign it represents, and its significance in various readings. This card is a beacon for anyone steering the course of their life, signifying a journey of self-determination and success.

The Visual Depiction of The Chariot in Tarot

The Chariot is a visually striking card. It typically features a warrior, often crowned, riding a chariot pulled by two sphinxes or horses, one black and one white. These creatures represent duality – light and dark, knowledge and ignorance. The charioteer holds a wand, symbolizing his will and power to steer his path.

Meaning of The Chariot in Tarot

The Chariot symbolizes victory, ambition, and the pursuit of goals. It speaks to taking the reins of one’s life and moving forward with confidence toward objectives. It’s a card of triumph, suggesting that with determination and control, obstacles can be overcome, and desires achieved.

The Reversed Chariot in Tarot

When The Chariot appears reversed in a reading, its message significantly shifts. It may indicate a lack of direction, loss of control, or a victory that came at too high a cost. This reversal invites reflection on the balance between ambition and reality, and whether we are truly in control of our path or being swept away by external forces.

The Chariot’s Number in Tarot

The Chariot is the seventh card in most Tarot decks. The number seven is often associated with luck but also carries connotations of spiritual depth, internal reflection, and an understanding of the world beyond the superficial.

Timing Indicated by The Chariot in Tarot

Time in Tarot is symbolic and can vary based on the reading and the reader. Generally, The Chariot indicates rapid movement and progress. It suggests that events will unfold quickly or that it is time to act swiftly and decisively.

The Chariot in Yes or No Tarot Readings

In yes or no questions, The Chariot is often interpreted as a yes, especially in contexts about overcoming obstacles, making significant decisions, or embarking on a journey or significant move.

The Chariot’s Message for Your Week

If The Chariot appears in your weekly reading, it might suggest a week to be bold and take decisive actions. It could indicate a favorable time to move forward with plans, assume leadership in projects, or make important decisions that require confidence and control.

The Chariot’s Association with Travel, Moves, and New Adventures

Yes, The Chariot is often associated with physical and metaphorical journeys. It can indicate a change of residence, a new adventure, or an important trip. It also symbolizes internal journeys towards self-understanding and understanding the world around us.

The Chariot with The Magician

When The Chariot pairs with The Magician, it speaks of manifesting one’s will effectively. The Magician, symbolizing skills and resources, coupled with The Chariot, suggests the ability to utilize these resources effectively to propel forward in life. It’s a powerful combination that speaks of taking decisive action to materialize goals.

The Chariot with The Empress

The Chariot and The Empress together can indicate progress in creativity or projects involving care and nurturing. While The Empress symbolizes abundance and fertility, The Chariot adds an element of proactive movement, suggesting an excellent time to actualize creative ideas or care for relationships and projects with love and direction.

The Chariot with The Hanged Man

This combination is intriguing due to the seemingly contradictory nature of the cards. While The Chariot suggests forward movement, The Hanged Man speaks of pause and reflection. Together, they may indicate the need to reconsider the direction we’re taking, possibly suggesting that a period of inaction or contemplation can be beneficial before moving forward.

The Chariot with The Tower

The Chariot alongside The Tower, a card of sudden change and revelations, can signify rapid progress through significant changes. This combination can signal that dramatic shifts are leading to significant progress in the querent’s life, though this progress may come with its share of turbulence.

The Chariot with The Moon

When The Chariot meets The Moon, the message might be about advancing through uncertainty. The Moon often represents confusion or not seeing things clearly, while The Chariot encourages moving forward. This combination can suggest navigating through confusion with determination and willpower.


The Chariot in Tarot is rich in symbolism and meaning. It represents the will, control, and achievement of goals but also warns about the dangers of losing direction or being overly ambitious. In any reading, The Chariot encourages us to reflect on our life direction and make bold, controlled decisions to guide our destiny.

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