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Gypsy Tarot

Card of the Gypsy Tarot

Card number: 23 - Court House

Court House

Type of Card: Neutral

Card Description: 23 - Court House

It is a card that acquires quite neutral connotations. You can warn us of upcoming court proceedings concerning employment or partner issues (divorces, separations, etc.). It is also a message for the consultant to judge himself and make an assessment of his strengths and weaknesses and the moment he is in.

In the sentimental field, it is a card that tells us that important things will happen and that decisions will have to be made that can be for better or worse. In any case, it will be necessary to opt for a specific option. At the labour level, you may be indicating a job linked to government agencies or administration. Also, as it happens at the sentimental level, it is time to take a path and choose to stay in that job or take the leap into the void and look for a new one that motivates us more.

At the economic level, it may be indicating certain difficulties due to lack of liquidity. A visit to a financial expert may be required so that he can advise us on our economy.

The 36 Cards of the Gypsy Tarot