Tarot Deck

Asking Powerful Questions in your Tarot

Questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” are closed-ended questions. They’re fine if you want a fast answer, but the trouble is that they don’t allow for any deep reflection or exploration of a situation – they simply state what is or isn’t going to happen.
By asking the Tarot open-ended questions, on the other hand, you get far more interesting insights.

Think and write what concerns you in a simple and short question.

The Tarot will give you a response so that we can make appropriate decisions and solve problems
Please write only one question, it may be about love or work but not both things at the same time, if you want to ask another question, ask another question, the questions always have to be in the first person, if they want to ask for another question Person, put yourself in your place to ask the question

Ask Open-Ended Questions