Tarot Deck

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Week from october 1 th to october 7 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Within the current week, you will have the possibility to improve certain aspects of your lives, however, not every day will be the best because you will have a week with small intermittences. The best day you will have will be Sunday the 24th, with the Moon moving over the sign of Aries, in its Fourth Waning phase. The Arcanum that will govern you for the next few days will be The High Priestess, the number will be 2, and the color will be Amber, suitable if you could use it on any type of garment as well as clothing.

Career Horoscope

Wheel of Fortune

At the economic and work level, you must be more prepared than usual, since there may be some opportunities to make certain changes as a team, and this type of situation could cause you greater stress. Those who are not satisfied with certain new work guidelines, it will be good to comment, starting in the middle of the current week The Arcane that will govern you this week will be, The Wheel of Fortune.

Love Horoscope

The Magician

Great days for the sentimental field in general, with some very good situations to be enjoyed with loved ones. Those of you who have the opportunity to start living with someone special in your lives should take advantage of them to stabilize yourself. The demonstrations of love that you could receive from those you least imagine, you will have them in a close way. The Charter that will govern you during these days will be, The Magician.

Health Horoscope

Justice (i)

In terms of health, you may begin to feel some physical changes due to a period of poor diet that will probably cause discomfort in your digestive system. Therefore, it is suggested that you start with some type of healthier diet, as well as a visit to a specialist in the field that is necessary to improve this situation. The Charter that will govern you this week will be, Justice in its inverted position.