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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Week from april 14 th to april 20 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Ruled by the shining Sun, Leos enter the last week of the Sun in Aries with the majesty and courage that characterizes them. Their warm, generous and enthusiastic nature will face trials and rewards in equal measure, under the influence of a waxing fourth Moon that transits from their own sign to Virgo. Your Lucky Number and Color Lucky number: 1 Color of the Week: Gold As symbols of beginning and renewal, the number one and the color gold resonate with your solar nature, stimulating your vitality and confidence. Leo, this week you are called to shine with all your strenght and splendor. The stars and arcana of the tarot promise you a day full of growth, passion and achievements. With the number 1 and the color gold as your allies, move forward with confidence towards your goals, always maintaining the generosity and human warmth that characterize you. In love, work and health, your inner light is the most reliable guide. Remember, every challenge hides an opportunity to demonstrate your greatness. Live this week as only a Leo can: with courage, love and a touch of majesty.

Career Horoscope

The Chariot

The Chariot, marching victorious, indicates a period of significant work and financial progress for Leo. Determination and trust will be key to overcoming any obstacle. The conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus inspires innovation and great ideas, while the sextile of Mars with Jupiter provides the energy needed to launch new projects or ventures.

Love Horoscope


The La Strenght card symbolizes a week of fiery passion and deep connections for Leo, both in love and friendship. Their energy suggests that existing bonds will be strengthened through mutual understanding and respect, while singles may find a magnetic attraction with someone who matches their intensity and vitality. The conjunction of Mercury with Venus favors loving expression and sincere communication, opening doors to new and enriching social interactions.

Health Horoscope

The Sun

The Sun shines brightly, auguring a week of revitalization and joy for Leo's health and well-being. This major arcane invites us to take advantage of vital energy to take care of the body and spirit, remembering the importance of balance between activity and rest. The presence of the Moon in Virgo towards the end of the week suggests paying attention to the small habits that nourish your long-term well-being.