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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Week from march 26 th to april 1 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


The instability of the beginning of the week would be occurring during the first half of the week, leading to some small conflicts in the lives of Leo people in general, when it comes to making important decisions, which can be resolved as the days go by. The Arcane that will govern you will be The Fool, the number will be 22, and the color will be Navy Blue, suitable if you could use it in any type of garment as well as clothing.

Career Horoscope


In relation to the work environment, the small complications that could arise during the first days of the week would be completely eliminated, since you will have the opportunity to demonstrate and demonstrate to yourself the great capacity you have to resolve any type of conflict. Carrying out a new business could be very positive for your economy. The Charter that will govern you this week will be Death.

Love Horoscope

The Hermit

Given the situation of having a somewhat fluctuating mood during the current week, it would be recommended that, within this area, occasionally, the sentimental one, you do not seek or accept any type of conversation that is too deep. The astral aspect that you have could cause you some inconvenience, so the best thing would be to wait until the end of the week if a topic were to arise. The Arcanum that will govern you during these days will be The Hermit.

Health Horoscope

The World

Within the field of health, those born under this sign will have the possibility of starting a new phase, in which you will have the great opportunity to improve and even end up with any type of pathology that was chronic or recently acquired and quite annoying. The improvement will depend a lot on your effort, which will be quite a lot, since it will be very well planned. The Charter that will govern you this week will be, The World.