Tarot Deck

Piscis Weekly Horoscope

Week from december 3 th to december 9 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Although the beginning of the week may be somewhat unstable in part of the general activities of Pisces, you will also have a special energy that will help you to reverse the complex. The best day you'll have will be Saturday 9th, with the Moon passing over the sign of Scorpio, in its Waning Quarter phase. The Arcanum that will govern you will be La Temperanza, the number will be 14 and the color will be Yellow, which would be very useful in energy, to use it in some accessories.

Career Horoscope

The Emperor

On a professional level, it will be a good week to start making some very simple decisions about the daily routine, due to the entry of Scorpio into Venus, which will last until 29/12. Although drastic movements are not recommended for you, those that are small and very simple, could help you improve much of your daily task, including an economic improvement. The Arcanum that will rule you for the following days will be The Emperor.

Love Horoscope


For the next few days, at least the first half, it will be inconvenient to make definitive decisions regarding the couple or future relationship. Therefore, shallow dialogue would be the most convenient way to avoid making choices that could become permanent. A great time to learn to listen to what your environment expects of you. The card that will govern you this week will be, El Judgement.

Health Horoscope


With regard to general health, you will have the opportunity to start doing some activities that will help you with monotony, and above all to eliminate time that would make you think and burden you, affecting your emotional health. Whatever activity to be done, as long as it is to your liking, will add a plus to the recovery from daily stress. The Charter that will govern you for the next few days will be, Justice.