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Acuario Weekly Horoscope

Week from december 3 th to december 9 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


During the current week, Aquarians, in general, will have the opportunity to achieve some improvements within the home, both with the members, as well as in their physical appearance. The best days you will have will be 7 and 8 respectively, with the Moon passing over the sign of Libra, in its Waning Quarter phase. The Arcanum that will govern you will be, Justice, the weekly number will be 8 and the color will be White, very convenient if you could use it in accessories or clothing.

Career Horoscope

The Lovers

As for the work and/or professional aspect, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your wisdom regarding everything that comes up in an unexpected way. The fact that you know how to resolve situations that arise in this way will leave you very well regarded with the people with the highest status in your current job, as well as a new one that you are interested in staying with. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be, The Lovers.

Love Horoscope

The Star

In relation to the sentimental level, you will have some new events with very close people that will give you great satisfaction, such as the announcement of a pregnancy that could also be your own. This type of news will cheer you up and fill your family with joy, regardless of any type of complex situation you may be experiencing. Very good time to start a deal by communicating with those who will interest you. The Charter that will govern you for the next current week will be, The Star.

Health Horoscope

The Magician (i)

Health could have small imbalances in every sense, however, what would be causing this situation the most, could have reference to what is related to anxiety about obtaining something in particular. Therefore, it would be convenient, to try to start building moments of relaxation, with any type of technique that would help you with the treatment itself. The card that will govern you for these next few days will be The Magician in its inverted position.