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Acuario Weekly Horoscope

Week from january 22 th to january 28 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Week with a somewhat stormy start for Aquarians in general, whether they are Sun or Rising. The chances of getting a breakthrough would be arriving during the second half of the week. The best days you will have will be 22 and 23 respectively, with the Moon passing over the sign of Libra, in its Fourth Crescent phase. The Arcanum that will govern you will be, The Hermit, the weekly number will be 9 and the color will be Old Rose, very convenient if you could use it in accessories or clothing.

Career Horoscope


With regard to the labor and/or professional sector, it would be advisable to avoid any type of confrontational situation, since the possibilities of solving whatever the problem within your work will be from absolute peace of mind. On the other hand, outside help will give you the satisfaction of getting new projects unexpectedly. The Arcanum that will govern you this week will be The Temperance.

Love Horoscope

The High Priestess

Within the sentimental and loving environment, you will have the opportunity to start a new phase with someone special for your lives, who will give you what you need to be able to enjoy what you want so much. However, those of you who are as a couple will also have the opportunity to enjoy truly pleasant, and above all, comforting moments. The Charter that will govern you for the next week will be, The High Priestess.

Health Horoscope

Wheel of Fortune

Health will be the area that could have some complications that, after going through the first half of the week, would be resolved. Those who encounter certain ailments related to the digestive system, as well as to blood pressure, will be able to stabilize themselves, as long as you consult a professional, and follow the instructions you give yourself. The card that will govern you for the next few days will be The Wheel of Fortune.