Tarot Deck

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Week from january 22 th to january 28 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Week that will begin with minor inconveniences on a general level, in the lives of Librans, whether they are Sun or Ascendant. The best days you will have will be 22 and 23 respectively, with the Moon passing over your own sign, in its Fourth Crescent phase. The Arcanum that will govern you will be La Strenght, The weekly number will be 11, and the regent color will be White, which would be very convenient to use in any type of garment or accessory.

Career Horoscope

The Magician

At work, during the beginning of the week, you may have some problems that will be solved thanks to your intelligence and dedication. The most interesting thing could be the good behavior of bosses, colleagues, and/or customers, at times that might really be necessary, to succeed in evolving. The Arcanum that will govern you these days will be, The Magician.

Love Horoscope

The Empress

In relation to the sentimental plane, you will have a week with a variety of positive situations, which will help you improve any type of complex circumstance, whether with your partner, friends and/or family. Communication with those closest to you will be absolutely necessary to improve relationships in general. The Charter that will govern you these days will be, The Empress.

Health Horoscope

The Devil

As for health, the situation in general could at first be somewhat disordered. After a few days have passed, anyone who has any type of discomfort can begin to recover patiently and following the instructions of a professional you trust. Peace of mind will be the key to your definitive improvement. The Charter that will govern you this week will be, The Devil.