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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Week from april 14 th to april 20 th

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In the heavenly balance, Libra seeks perfect balance under the influence of Venus, its ruling planet. As air signs, Libras are idealistic and charming, navigating life with an urban grace that rarely goes unnoticed. However, the final week of the Sun in Aries and the fourth waxing Moon moving from Leo to Virgo present a tapestry of challenges and opportunities that could shake your natural balance. Libra, this week invites you to balance grace with action, idealism with fulfillment. With the number 6 and the color pastel pink as your cosmic allies, you are called to harmonize all aspects of your life, from love to health. Tarot cards remind you of the importance of justice, initiative, and reviewing perspectives. Remember, in the quest for balance lies your true power. Embrace changes with confidence, knowing that every decision made from the heart brings you closer to fulfillment. Your Lucky Number and Color Lucky number: 6 Color of the Week: Pastel Pink These elements symbolize harmony and adaptability, resonating with the Venusian essence of Libra.

Career Horoscope

The Magician

The Magician, with its tools in place, symbolizes a period of initiative and creativity in work and finance. Libra's talents will be recognized, offering opportunities to lead projects or start new professional paths. The sextile of Mars with Jupiter provides the energy needed for your endeavors to flourish.

Love Horoscope


Justice, reflecting Libra's quest for balance, stands out in your love and social sphere. This week, relationships based on equality and mutual understanding will flourish. For singles, it's an optimal time for encounters that can lead to meaningful connections. For those in a couple, decisions made together, guided by justice and equity, will strengthen their bond. The conjunction of Mercury with Venus encourages harmonious communication, opening paths for deep and satisfying interactions.

Health Horoscope

The Chariot (i)

The Hanged Man, presented inverted, suggests that it's time to review perspectives and habits in your health and well-being. It may be necessary to break free from old routines that no longer serve your personal growth. The Moon in Virgo emphasizes the importance of attending to the details of your daily routine, promoting a holistic approach to health.