Tarot Deck

Escorpio Weekly Horoscope

Week from may 12 th to may 18 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


Scorpio, this week, marked by the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus in Taurus, promises profound revelations and transformations in multiple areas of your life. Your ruler, Pluto, located in Aquarius, emphasizes a period of internal renewal and change in your personal and professional interactions. Get ready to face and master new challenges with your characteristic intensity and determination. The number 22, a master number that symbolizes mastery in life, together with the dark red, which evokes passion and power, align to empower your week with vibrant and transformative energy.

Career Horoscope

The Emperor

The presence of The Emperor in your tarot reading indicates a strong week in terms of authority and leadership in the workplace. The energy of Venus sextile Saturn supports you to establish long-term plans and consolidate your position at work. It's an optimal time to make strategic decisions that will affect your financial future.

Love Horoscope

Transformation (i)

In the romantic and social field, the inverted The Tower card suggests that you will avoid a significant crisis or rupture thanks to your foresight and emotional management skills. It's a good time to resolve outstanding issues and strengthen relationships through honesty and personal transformation. For single people, this card warns to be wary of new relationships that seem too turbulent or destabilizing.

Health Horoscope

The Sun

The Sun in your health sector suggests a period of vitality and regeneration. It's a great time to start exercise routines or diets that strengthen your body and spirit. Harness this positive energy to improve your overall well-being and charge your emotional and physical batteries.