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Tauro Weekly Horoscope

Week from april 7 th to april 13 th

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Taurus, the week of April 7-13, 2024 is marked by the promise of new beginnings and an opportunity for deep reflection. The total solar eclipse invites you to look inward and to rethink your personal goals, your health and your relationships. Although some challenges may arise, remember that your lucky number, 22, and your color, emerald green, symbolize the ability to grow and thrive under any circumstance. This is a week to sow the seeds of your future, with patience, determination and a renewed connection to your true desires and values. Lucky Number: 22, symbolizing construction on solid foundations and the realization of major projects. Clothing Color: Emerald green, reflecting your growth, renewal and the richness of your spirit.

Career Horoscope

The Devil

The Devil warns against the temptation to take the easy path in your finances or career. It can be easy to fall into patterns of behavior driven by an immediate desire for gratification or greed. This week, focus on what really matters in the long term, setting financial and professional goals that reflect your true values and not just your momentary desires.

Love Horoscope

The Star (i)

This week, The Star in an inverted position suggests a time to reevaluate your hopes and desires in the area of love and social relationships. You may find yourself reflecting on what you truly value and want to share with those around you. For couples, it's essential to keep the lines of communication open, approaching any outstanding issues with patience and understanding. Singles, on the other hand, may need to take a moment to connect with themselves before seeking deep connections.

Health Horoscope

The Hermit

The Hermit invites you to a period of introspection and personal care. With the upheaval that comes with the solar eclipse, it's crucial to find moments of quiet and reflection. Dedicate time to activities that nourish your body, mind and spirit, such as meditation, reading, or long walks in nature. Listening to your body and your internal needs will be essential to maintaining your well-being this week.