Tarot Deck

Tauro Weekly Horoscope

Week from june 4 th to june 10 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


During this week, you will need immediate, and somewhat constant changes, Taurinos in general, whether they are Sun or Rising. The best days you will have will be 6 and 7 respectively, with the Moon passing over the sign of Capricorn, in its Fourth Waning phase. The Arcane that will govern you this week will be, The Moon the number will be 18 and the weekly color will be Chocolate, which would be convenient to use in any type of accessory, as well as in garments.

Career Horoscope

The Hierophant

The sentimental terrain will be somewhat confusing, days to consider changes with the couple. Moving forward would be a very good and positive option, to renew romantic relationships, it would be necessary to put a lot of emotional openness. Those of you who have problems telling or demonstrating feelings and/or emotions are recommended to take some therapy that will help you with this. The Arcanum that will govern you for the next few days will be, The Hierophant.

Love Horoscope


Extra activities in the workplace, some situations in which you will feel the need to decide. However, the most correct thing would be to make decisions on this level after the middle of the week. Disorders at work would tend to be resolved little by little with the support of superiors. The Charter that will govern you during the current week will be, The Temperance.

Health Horoscope

Judgement (i)

The neck, neck and throat are the parts of the body belonging to the Taurus sign. With the transit of Uranus in your sign, these sectors may be more predisposed to getting sick during these days. At a time of vulnerability in health, precaution would be necessary to avoid further discomfort. The card that will govern you this week will be The Chariot in its inverted position. The Charter that will govern you for the next few days will be, El Judgement in its inverted position.