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Free Past, Present, Future 3 Card Tarot

Why did they fire me? Is my partner dating another person? What will be the outcome of a lawsuit? How will my business progress this semester? Will I graduate next year?. This is a new Tarot spreading developed in The Arcane. It is a simple three letters spreading: Past Present Future. We select an Arcane for each of them. It may take a straight or inverted position.The analysis of any subject, when time plays an important role, can be carried out through this specific reading.

The 3-card Past, Present, and Future spread is a straightforward reading that allows you to interpret your life from three important angles. This spread is great for everyone looking to gain insight on their life, figure out what to do next, make sense of the past, and feel more calm and assured in the present.

First, choose your three cards. The cards represent your past, present, and future. Touch the card to flip it over, revealing your fortune. The cards may appear rightside up or upside down, which is significant to your reading.

Tarot Past, Present and Future

The future is an imaginary solution to the problem of the present and the tarot offers imaginary solutions to the problem of our lives. It does so by having us swerving away from our remorse about the past and our anxiety about the future, into the increasingly rare experience of the present. The tarot is one of the fastest ways we have to get where we were not going.