Tarot Deck

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Week from june 4 th to june 10 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


During these days it would not be advisable to make very long-term decisions, Virginians in general, whether they are from the Sun as well as those from the Ascendant. The best days you will have will be 6 and 7 respectively, with the Moon passing over the sign of Capricorn, in its Fourth Waning phase. The Arcanum that will govern you this week will be The Hermit, the number will be 9, and the weekly color will be Old Rose, preferably used or carried with it in garments, as well as in visible accessories.

Career Horoscope

The Lovers

During the current week, everything related to the work environment must be very well taken care of. These days would be the consequence of the previous ones so positive, so the most sensible thing would be to pay attention to how to make future movements and stay at the top that you have achieved. Regardless of the size of the achievement, an achievement will always weigh more than nothing. The Arcanum that will govern you during these days will be The Lovers.

Love Horoscope


Everything related to the sentimental would have a process of change during the current week. However, this would not happen to all Virginians, especially those in the second deanship (September 4-13). Pleasant moments with close people, friends and/or family. Try to go out and find moments in company as they will give you good energy, and they will help you so that you can give it to yourself. The card that will govern you this week will be Justice.

Health Horoscope

The Hierophant (i)

The health of Virginians will be somewhat sensitive and vulnerable, such as to climate change. Whenever you can have greater prevention, you should apply it to avoid discomfort. Dedicating more time to light exercise would be a great idea to improve energy. Be careful with everything related to joints. The Charter that will govern you for the next few days will be, The Hierophant in its inverted position.