Tarot Deck

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Week from december 3 th to december 9 th

Your Tarot cards for this Week


A week that will begin with relative balance, so that Virginians in general, could make some necessary decisions, and in this way achieve peace of mind at its best. The best days you will have will be, 5 and 6 respectively, with the Moon passing over your own sign, in its Waning Quarter phase. The Arcanum that will rule you this week will be The Devil, the number will be 15 and the weekly color will be Carmine, preferably used or carried with you in garments, as well as in visible accessories.

Career Horoscope

The High Priestess

In terms of work, a very punctual and striking offer would come into your lives. However, it will not be entirely convenient to accept it and take steps forward with it until after the middle of this week, since you will only have a good astral aspect, already coming out of the first half. However, it's not just about making decisions, but you should stick with time. The Arcanum that will rule you for these next few days will be The High Priestess.

Love Horoscope

The Emperor

From 04/12 to 29/12, Scorpio's admission to Venus will give you a great opportunity to take advantage and start with projects to increase your family, and to be able to adapt to a new life as a couple. Those of you who find yourself trying to improve family relationships, and friendly ones, could also take steps to this end and get very good results. The card that will govern you this week will be The Emperor.

Health Horoscope

The World (i)

In the field of health, those born under this sign may experience some ups and downs, however, this could be reversed with more special attention to your body. In some cases, the support and wisdom of a professional may be necessary to prevent this from spreading and causing greater discomfort. Attention to climate change. The Charter that will govern you in the coming days will be, The World in its inverted position.