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Tarot: Kabbalistic tarot decks

Kabala is a system of mystical teachings that precede any religion and its considered a revelation from God to mankind. It`s defined as the oral transmission of ancient knowledge from generation to generation. According to these kabalistic teachings, the universe works according to certain eternal, powerful principles. When we understand these principles and act according to them, life improves to a great extent and in a short period of time we find true fulfillment for us and humanity. Kabbalah is a summary of powerful methods that allow us to carry the light of the Creator in our lives.

The Tree of Life is a pattern composed of 10 attributes or emanations called Sefirot (wheels or spheres) and 22 Paths. Each path represents a state (counting) of connection to a true understanding of God.

With these 10 spiritual emanations from God, everything was created. Scholars of Kabalistic Tarot Interpretation, associate each arcane with a one of the ten levels of the Tree of Life or one of the 22 Paths that connects these spheres or levels.

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Qabalah is a portrait of what it means to be human, what it means to be divine and exist. That is what the theory of Qabalah is meant to accomplish. And tarot is that same exact portrait, done as a deck of cards. It is a portrait of the workings of the invisible universe.