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Gypsy Tarot

Interpretation and meaning of the gypsy card spread

Gypsy tarot or gypsy oracle allows us to be well informed about sentimental, professional and family matters that interfere with our destiny.

Gypsies have ancestral knowledge and an innate talent for clairvoyance. They transmit from mother to daughter their knowledge, points of view of expectations and also their tarot.

Gypsy Tarot


Interpretation and meaning of the gypsy cards

Of all known gypsy cards are the most peculiar of the tarot deck, since it has a different cover than that used in other tarots, with a special symbolism and different from the other cards, but its origin is linked to the other tarot variants.
The Gypsy Tarot consists of 36 cards, richly illustrated, whose symbols cover the most diverse areas of daily life and which can inform you about your love life, your professional evolution and all other aspects of your person. This is one of the most sacred methods of divination known.
Its ability to give clear and accurate answers to the most varied applications is impressive.

The illustrations of the cards of the Gypsy Tarot are based on the characters of power, harmonious colors and a cultural heritage that appear in the images in their typical costumes of the time.

Free Gypsy Tarot

This Gypsy Tarot print is ideal to discover the future for your love, work and economic life in just a few minutes

We can learn how to interpret gypsy pictures through professional tarot consultants, clairvoyance and divination, but thanks to the help of our experts we have developed an online tool with which you can consult the tarot card online for free.

As you know, gypsy letters are used to make predictions, about the problems and conflicts that arise in our lives. During a free reading of the gypsy card, 3 cards are chosen.

The first letter represents the health of the consultant and his past, the second represents his economic and employment situation and his present, and the third represents his love and his sentimental life or his future. Not only are the representation of the present, the future and the past as with the rest of the tarots, these cards also indicate the status of the consultant's life.

The method of reading the gypsy cards we offer here is reading the three cards. This gives you an overview of your current and future life. the first letter is the cause of your current problem. The second refers to the moment you're living in. And the third gives you instructions and tips for solving the complicated situation in which you are immersed.

It shows you a global picture and reveals the complexity of the situation. The first sheet will represent the cause of this conflict, the second page gives clues as to possible evolution, the third is the advice of the oracle or the outcome, which will actually happen with or without his intervention.

Cheer up for a full card roll and you'll know what the cards say about work, love and health for your life. With this spin, you will be able to view the interpretation of our reading of the Gypsy Tarot free of charge.

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